LED lighting industry restructure trend to continue in year 2016

LED lighting industry restructure trend to continue in 2016

LED TV market penetration rate has reached a pinnacle point, and there will be limited room for growth in 2016. According to statistics, possibley the LED TV sector might even be seeing stalled or sliding demands this year.

Another wave of industry restructuring is expected to occur in Taiwan and China as LED lighting penetration rates continue to rise.The large enterprises expansion trends is well established. Second tier LED manufacturers are an important observation index in Taiwan, while in China it is LED package manufacturers.

LED lighting revenue to exceed backlight applications

LED package manufacturers with a focus in backlight applications will be turning to lighting, which will lead to lowered costs and increased market penetration rates. Accompanying growing lighting demands, it is expected that the LED lighting revenue will exceed backlight revenue this year.

Cross-strait LED industry trends

Although, Chinese LED manufacturers are actively seeking partnerships with Taiwanese manufacturers, it is noted that there are differences in the LED industry model and market competition concepts. Taiwan is a free market, while the Chinese economy is supported by local government and projects. There are still many obstacles to overcome before cooperation can be realized completely.

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