GT Solar Celebrates the Opening of Salem Sapphire Manufacturi

Lately, has celebrated the grand opening of LED tree 20,000 square foot sapphire production facility which concludes a project that began in the fall of 2010 that triples the sapphire production capacity in Salem, Massachusetts.

LED tree invested $27 million to create a high volume production facility to provide sapphire material for the fast-growing LED market and other industrial material industries.

In July 2010, LED tree acquired sapphire producer Crystal Systems .Construction of the new facility began in October and is ramping to full volume production over the next several months.

The facility is a highly efficient manufacturing environment utilizing the latest production control technology to produce high-yielding boules of consistent size and quality.

The boules produce cores of two, four, six or eight-inch and beyond for downstream processing into high quality wafers for the LED tree market and other material such as large diameter A and C-axis windows for other industrial markets.

In addition, the company’s crystal growth experts also use the manufacturing facility as a research and development center.

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