Cathode Lighting Systems Launches Industries Smallest Footpri

led tube is pleased to announce the official launch of its latest innovation, CLS‐Slim, during Lightfair International 2011. As the world’s premier manufacturer of specification‐grade, modular cold‐cathode fixtures and lamps, Cathode Lighting Systems has modified the design of its most popular fixture to only 1 5/8" wide and 2 3/8" tall, achieving the smallest footprint of any cold‐cathode luminaire available in the market today.

Phenomenally energy efficient with an astounding lamp life of up to 100,000 field‐proven hours, CLS‐Slim luminaires provide the highest‐quality illumination available with minimal electrical consumption. With wattages as low as 5.5 watts per linear foot, this innovative luminaire provides seamless illumination from end to end with no dark spots or socket shadows. Integral electronic
ballasts offer inaudible operation and a power factor >.95 led tube along with standard integral 1% dimming ballasts that are compatible with 2‐wire low‐voltage dimmers. CLS‐Slim luminaires are available in a wide color selection, including 11 different white hues utilizing reliable, ultra long‐life high‐output high colorrendering T6 cold cathode lamps.

Beautifully made, discreetly dimensioned, with unmatched longevity and performance, CLS‐Slim luminaires are the perfect light source for indirect cove, direct surface mounting, or hanging‐pendant projects led tube.

Key Features of CLS‐Slim include:
• Eleven different shades of white from 1900ºK Candlelight to 8300ºK Daylight
• Luminaires are available in 12 standard lengths, from 2 feet to 7.5 feet long (also available in custom lengths)
•Only 1 5/8" wide and 2 3/8" tall ‐ the smallest footprint of any coldcathode luminaire available
•Seamless shadow‐free linear illumination
• All luminaires come equipped with dimmable electronic ballasts
•Up to 795 feet of fixtures may be operated on one circuit.*
•Lamp lumens as high as 492 lumens per foot
• Wattages as low as 5.5 watts per linear foot
• UL and cUL Listed

*Model HCLS‐Slim 277 volt operation / 20‐amp circuit

CLS‐Slim will be showcased at the Cathode Lighting Systems Booth #3708 at Lightfair
International Expo, May17 ‐ 19th in Philadelphia, PA.

About Cathode Lighting Systems:
Cathode led tube Lighting Systems is the industry leading manufacturer of quality long‐life architectural cove lighting. We design and manufacture the highest quality, most complete line of UL‐listed and CE approved cold cathode lighting systems and fixtures available. Our product line includes custom and modular lighting for commercial and residential applications. From dry interior to wet exterior locations, we offer lighting solutions for every environment. Whatever the shape, every luminaire Cathode Lighting Systems manufactures utilizes revolutionary, energy‐efficient, noiseless electronic technology to power our ultra long‐life lamps.

In addition to over 20 different pastel and neon lamp colors, Cathode Lighting Systems offers more unique shades of white than anyone else in the industry. We provide over 11 hues to choose from, with absolute color consistency and the reliability of cold‐cathode, with up to 100,000 hours of field‐proven lamp life.Cathode Lighting Systems…the gold standard in architectural cove lighting.

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